Student Profile: Araba Taylor

Master of Arts in Management
Summer 2016

WFU School of Business MA head shots class of 2016. 7/7/15Araba Taylor was 16 when her family left their home in Orlando, Florida, to relocate to Nairobi, Kenya. She developed what would be a lifelong passion with international assignments a few years later during a stint in Geneva as an undergrad, followed by exposure to business marketing in Switzerland. Her goal: to pursue marketing as a way to link the world.

After working with an energy consulting non-profit in their green business department, and later with a small start-up software company, Taylor knew she wanted to take her skills to the next level. She received the American Express Corporate Fellowship, a merit-based full-tuition scholarship awarded to high-achieving, high-potential students at the Wake Forest University School of Business.

As a student, she participated in the Action Learning Project, a program that partners students with sponsor companies to tackle critical business issues. She collaborated with corporate giants Cigna and Hanes on healthcare initiatives and product accessibility.

Taylor said of her experiences at Wake Forest:

“They’ve made me an overall better informed person and better able to understand the world around me.”

She served as one of three student co-chairs of the Marketing Analytics Summit, a yearly student-run competition that offers students the opportunity to apply their marketing skills and creativity to real-world marketing challenges. Being on the administrative end of the Summit provided great preparation for her own future interviews as she learned what types of qualities make a successful leader and how to present oneself as a capable team-player and strategic thinker.

Taylor has accepted a full-time position with American Express as an analyst in their Business Strategy Execution department. “The Master of Arts in Management program opened me to different career possibilities,” she said. “I came into the program interested in marketing, but hoping to expand my horizons, and that’s exactly what happened. My goal was to work at a large, Fortune 500 company that I wouldn’t have had access to prior to the program.”