Student Profile: Kyle Bessette

Master of Science in Accountancy
Summer 2016

WFU School of Business MA head shots. 8/19/15Not all MSA programs are created equal. The same can be said for their admissions process. While exploring graduate schools, Kyle Bessette discovered Wake Forest’s Done in a Day initiative. “The unique experience of visiting, interviewing, and receiving an admissions decision all in one day was too good to pass up,” he said. “The experience made me feel like I was a priority to the University, and that’s what made me decide to attend the Wake Forest University School of Business.”

And it didn’t stop there – he found the faculty to be just as impressive, too. He enrolled in three of George Aldhizer’s classes due to Aldhizer’s readily apparent love of teaching and the personalized attention he gives to students.

“Once during class, Professor Aldhizer was discussing how most lawyers lack accounting experience. In the middle of explaining this, he not only remembered I planned to attend law school, but that I had majored in Accounting. He made a point to say, ‘Except our good friend Kyle, who hopefully will have the whole package.’ It was a really nice moment I will never forget.”

Bessette has paid his positive experiences forward. Through the Student Ambassadors program, he has connected with prospective students to share his own story and offer guidance. “Whether it be a simple email, phone call, or taking prospective students to class or lunch, I hope talking about my experience helps them make that tough decision I remember making just a year ago,” he said.

His terrific experience at Wake Forest continued the first day of orientation when he attended a networking event hosted by Mike Haggas, director of development for the School of Business. Haggas showed students how to know when to enter and exit a conversation and how to handle shaking hands while eating and drinking. “Just talking through all the little things made us much more confident for all the networking ahead,” said Bessette.

Studying ethics with Professor of Accountancy Jack Wilkerson also made an impact on Bessette. “He requires students in that course to really look at issues from any and every angle, and deal with issues firmly in grey areas,” said Bessette. “He taught us how to really analyze and think about situations to make the best decision.”

It is moments and teachers and classes like these that have prepared Bessette for the rigor and discipline required for law school.

“Wake Forest has made me more well-rounded. It’s given me the technical and social skills required in the professional world. Whether it be dealing with a tough negotiation between an auditor and a client, or simply knowing how to approach a complex tax issue, I feel fully prepared for what I may see.”

He will attend the University of Chicago Law School’s Doctoroff Business Leadership Program, continuing his studies in law and business with the university’s most acclaimed professors. He plans to practice law in the corporate or sports and entertainment field.