Students Helping Students

Experience Pro Humanitate
Summer 2016

As part of the MBA program, students have the opportunity to broaden their experience within a global context as part of a global immersion course. As part of the program, student teams travel to India, China, or Nicaragua. Each course requires advance teamwork, an in-country immersion experience, and a final paper emphasizing business theories practiced on the trip.

Winston-Salem Working Professionals student Brittany Simpson (MBA ’16) was particularly interested in Project Nicaragua, which provides the opportunity for students to witness the various ways business is conducted in Nicaragua and to develop an appreciation for global diversity.

“The course is a learning exchange. Our students are taking their knowledge of basic business principles and sharing those with micro-enterprises in Nicaragua in workshops. In return, the businesses allow us to visit their locations, ask them questions, understand their challenges, and gain an appreciation for their business context. We’re getting back as much as we’re giving.”

While the program spoke to her, Simpson was unsure if she could make it work financially. “When I found out that two of my classmates anonymously offered to help fund my trip, I was awestruck by their generosity.”

For Wallis, this act of the University’s Pro Humanitate motto demonstrates that the students have a full appreciation for what Pro Humanitate represents. “We had students helping students to ensure that this once in a lifetime experience was in reach. This spirit of supporting learning is a parallel to what we’re doing in Nicaragua.”

“Project Nicaragua was one of the most inspirational and motivational experiences of my School of Business journey,” said Simpson. “The Working Professionals MBA program has been one of the best experiences of my life, and I’m thankful to have met such incredible people.”