Student Profile: Michelle Engarto

Masters in Business Administration (Charlotte)

Michelle Engarto has more than 30 years of business experience and is a successful vice president for the Wireless Solutions business at Corning, Incorporated. At first glance, she might not seem like a typical MBA candidate, but Engarto will be the first to tell you there’s always more to learn.

“I appreciate outside perspectives on business problems, the fresh ideas of younger minds, and the academic rigor that helps me hone my thinking,” she said. “I wanted to broaden my perspective on business problems and improve my effectiveness as a leader.”

For Engarto, no ordinary MBA program would do. “I studied the backgrounds of the faculty and was looking for professors with significant real-world experience as well as academic credentials. I was also impressed by the students Wake Forest attracts to the MBA program in terms of breadth of industries, years of experience, and diversity.”

For mid-career students like Engarto, the benefits of attending school while working are immeasurable.

“Since we are encouraged to study and solve real business problems related to our current jobs, we have the ability to quickly demonstrate acumen on a number of subjects to our colleagues,” she said. “I use what I am learning every day on the job and I know my classmates do, as well.”

While Engarto’s immediate goal is executive leadership, she is looking even further down the road. “I have begun to think about how my priorities will shift once I retire from corporate life,” she said. “There is an element of additional credibility that a Wake Forest MBA lends, and I think the Wake Forest network will be helpful in identifying future opportunities that will likely be very different from those I am pursuing in the near-term.”

With a robust alumni network that spans the globe, Engarto will have access to more than 65,000 Deacons to help her navigate the next leg of her adventure.