Student Profile: Nicole White

Masters in Management

Nicole White came to Wake Forest with a goal.

While earning her chemistry degree at Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University, her experience serving as the student ambassador for the Thurgood Marshall College Fund made her realize her love for developing talent and sparked her desire for a career change.

“My goal was to work at EY, and I learned that the School of Business had connections with the company,” White said. “I then discovered that in just 10 months, the Management program at Wake Forest would bridge the gaps for me in the business realm. After speaking with a recruiter and alumni from the program, I knew this was a place where I was going to grow professionally, thrive, and achieve my goal.”

Along the way, White learned that the connections between business departments and functions determine the success of a profitable company. “Coming from a science background, these connections are not things that I would have ever understood if I had not enrolled in this program.”

She also experienced professors who took a sincere interest in her success. “My professors pushed me to succeed and instilled in us the importance of effective communication so we stand out as we begin our careers,” she said.

And White has thrived, serving as a student ambassador for the Management program and as the co-chair for the Student Engagement Council where she is a liaison between students and administrators. She has also actively engaged students across lines of difference to create a strong and cohesive community both in and beyond her program.

“My Wake Forest experience has been life changing. Working in teams with people who have different views, values, and experiences from me has taught me the value of diversity and understanding what it means for me to be my authentic self.”

So much so that White created a series on authenticity in the workplace entitled, “Don’t Give Up Your Seat: The Journey to Authenticity.” “I know that as I prepare to leave this program, I have a better understanding of what it means to stand firm in my authenticity while also professionally contributing to the goals and objectives of my future employer.”

As for that initial goal that brought her to Wake Forest? White has accepted a job offer at EY in Charlotte as a business advisory consultant in the financial sector.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to bridge my passion and career together,” White said. She plans to use the next few years at EY to develop even further professionally, and return to earn her MBA as part of the MBA Advantage for Wake Forest Master’s of Management graduates.

“I want to build a career in the diversity and inclusion division of talent management, and ultimately, I want to become a chief diversity officer for a major corporation.”