Master’s in Management program adds new case competition

A two-day case competition gave Master’s in Management students the opportunity to explore business problems and present solutions to the board. The case competition sought presentations from all the student teams in the program. Judges named four finalists, and then ultimately, one winning team.

“Our sponsor FactSet is a multinational financial data and software company,” said Kaitlyn Cooper, associate director, Integrative Student Services. “They provide a natural partnership for the case, which focuses on financial and accounting concepts the students have covered in their classes since beginning the program in July.”

Four of the judges represented FactSet, and two of them are alumni of the program: Rachel Alexander (MA ’15), and JD Crossen (MA ’14) joined campus recruiters Marcia Molettieri and Ashley Peckham. Faculty and staff members on the judging panel included James Barricelli, Mike Crespi, Keith Gilmer, Rick Harris, Stan Mandel, Stacey Panchyshyn, Scott Shafer, and Bren Varner.

The final four judges were professors Susan Langlitz, Rob Nash, Norma Montague, and alums Crossen and Alexander.

“It’s interesting to see how they are choosing to research the case and present their ideas,” Alexander said.

“Case competitions like this one give the students real-world experience that will help them when they leave school and go into the market.”

This competition is followed by the fall Action Learning Project I, and then the spring Action Learning Project II. Coupled with a mini-case competition during orientation week, the Master’s in Management students participate in a series of experiential learning events during the 10-month program.

The students on Team #22, Kayla Pierle, Aubrey Wright, Emily James, Priya Advani, and Kimmy Zhang received Wake Forest pullovers, which were then embroidered with the win on their sleeves.