Self-Discovery Spurs New Growth

Mona Baset (MBA '12)

What if your assumptions about yourself turned out to be too limiting? What if you had secret gifts inside even you didn’t know about?

Mona Baset (MBA ’12) can tell you just what that’s like. Her Wake Forest University experience challenged what she thought she knew about herself — and revealed abilities that brought her new opportunities.

When Baset began the Charlotte Evening program at the School of Business, she already had a job she loved. “I wanted to pursue my MBA to further round out my knowledge and increase my contributions,” she said.



“I looked at many programs, and Wake Forest University was the clear winner based on a few key factors: the reputation of the program on a national level, the high caliber of both the professors and fellow students, the convenient location, and overall value of the program.”

Among the highlights of her time in the program: being selected as part of a small group to fly to Omaha, Nebraska, to meet Warren Buffett. “It was one of my most memorable moments of my program, and I still keep the photo of Warren Buffett and myself on a shelf in my office,” Baset said. “Another highlight was a trip to Iceland and the Netherlands I took as an elective. The focus was on studying the collapse of the financial markets that preceded the Great Recession, and we also had the opportunity to take in the sights and culture.”

But the discoveries didn’t stop with learning about global economic conditions or meeting the founder of Berkshire Hathaway. The School opened Baset’s eyes to something just as profound, if not more personal.

“After many years focused on the ‘softer’ side of marketing and communications, I discovered that I actually was a ‘numbers person’ as well,” she said. “I couldn’t have reached that conclusion without the engaging faculty and curriculum. That experience has opened my eyes to new opportunities and innovative ways of doing things.”

Baset put her new knowledge to work in her professional life and the results were significant.

“I learned how to approach challenges in a different way. Later, when it was time to move to a new opportunity, my MBA, combined with my broad experience, set me up to be an adaptable leader,” she said.

“Within the first few weeks of my new position, my responsibilities expanded considerably, and I believe my Wake Forest MBA was a factor.”

Today, Baset serves as assistant vice president of information and analytics services with Atrium Health in Charlotte, leading consumer and patient engagement strategies, along with the technologies and processes that help support them.

Since completing her MBA, Baset has stayed in touch with her Wake Forest network. “I know what it takes to be successful in this program — focus, discipline, curiosity, intelligence, and the ability to connect with others. Those are the same qualities I want in people I spend time with socially and people I work with,” she said. “I hired one of my classmates for a key position in my organization, and it has been one of the best hires I’ve ever made. There have been similar stories for others — fellow Wake Forest University grads do what they can to help each other succeed, well after graduation.”