Brothers Share Wake MBA Experience

Diego (MBA '10) and Sergio Espinoza (MBA '13)

Brothers Diego Espinoza (MBA ’10) and Sergio Espinoza (MBA ’13) shared everything growing up: a crib, a room, even friends. In their 20s, their mother passed away unexpectedly, and the loss was compounded when the brothers were separated for the first time.

Diego, the elder by a year and 10 months, left their home country of Costa Rica to finish his undergraduate studies in Kansas. He learned about Wake Forest through a friend in Costa Rica and from research on employer-recommended universities.

Diego quickly became impressed with the depth of knowledge his professors brought to the classroom and the opportunities to travel to Japan and Nicaragua with Wake Forest professors and classmates. While earning his MBA, he also interned with global agribusiness company Syngenta in Greensboro.

While Diego was in school in the United States, Sergio was watching his elder brother’s adventures from afar.

“Diego and others were telling me great things about Wake Forest University,” Sergio said. Sherry Moss, professor of organizational studies, connected Sergio with students who were planning to work in the financial industry. “Hearing their stories and experiences helped me decide that Wake Forest was the best option,” Sergio said.

Sergio immersed himself in coursework, relishing his classes and, like his brother, taking advantage of global learning opportunities. A trip to India with Patrick McMullen, associate professor of management, gave Sergio and other students “a deep dive into India’s business dynamics and culture.”

A capstone moment came when Sergio landed a summer internship at Morgan Stanley’s private wealth management division in New York City.

“Wake Forest helped me open the door that ultimately led me to work at Morgan Stanley full-time, allowing me to fulfill my dreams,” said Sergio.

Today, Sergio is a Morgan Stanley financial advisor, Diego serves as international sales manager for New Way Trucks, a leading truck manufacturer in the waste management industry, and the brothers live just two miles apart in Atlanta.

The Wake Forest University School of Business brought them back together, and they are determined to stay close as they continue building careers that leverage all they learned through the School of Business. They both credit the School for instilling valuable lessons in building culture and meeting challenges in the workplace.

“I learned you should lead by example, and you shouldn’t ask people to do things you are not willing to do yourself,” Diego said. “You build culture by being the person you want the organization to become.”

For Sergio, the program’s Pro Humanitate emphasis underscored the responsibility to give back and leave a positive impact on the world around him.

“I strive to help others by going beyond my stated duties to add value to my co-workers, clients, company, and community.” Sergio said. “And I strongly believe in diversity so I try to create an inclusive environment that is inviting for people of all backgrounds and cultures.”

For both brothers, Wake Forest proved an invaluable resource for allowing them to use their gifts.

“Ever since I started doing finance, I knew I wanted to follow my passion and continue helping my clients achieve their financial dreams by working with a big financial institution in the U.S.,” Sergio said. “I also wanted to be closer to my brother. After 10 years apart, Wake Forest University brought us back together.”