Opening Doors and Unleashing Potential

Grant Trivette (MSBA '17)

For Grant Trivette (MSBA ’17), earning his Wake Forest Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) degree was like finding the key that unlocks the door to opportunity.

Trivette had barely started his coursework in the inaugural MSBA class when he began receiving personalized advice on developing a resume, writing cover letters, and interviewing for the specific jobs in which he was interested.

“I was simultaneously leveraging the alumni network and finding Deacons working in the companies where I was applying, and asking them for advice and assistance in my search,” Trivette said. It was a winning combination for the U.S. Army veteran, who ultimately landed a coveted position as financial analyst with Hanesbrands, Inc.

“I think the key moment was realizing very early on that the program is innately cross-functional,” said Trivette. “The deeper analytical knowledge I was gaining could be applied to any functional area in business, which helped me choose finance.”

Trivette earned his degree at the same time that he was also embarking on a more personal challenge.

“I will never forget sitting in the data visualization class and getting a call from my wife that she was going into labor,” Trivette said. “There were a lot of cheers and well wishes as I grabbed up my things and left the classroom.”

Trivette credited the School of Business faculty and administration, particularly John White, executive director of enrollment management recruiting, for helping him coordinate a short hiatus so he could be home with his wife and newborn son and stay on track in his courses.

Other School faculty and staff who made strong impressions include Jeff Camm, associate dean of business analytics, for his deep industry knowledge, and Jonathan Pinder, associate professor of management, for his rigorous coursework and “extremely pragmatic approach to analytics.”

Trivette urged future students to make the most of every class, not just the ones that seem tailor-made for a targeted career.

“Go into each course ready to succeed and do your best to soak up all the knowledge,” he said. “Some of the topics I thought I would not use in my career were front-and-center within the first month on the job.”

All of his instructors instilled the importance of leading by example, and being authentic on the job, Trivette said, explaining that “actions speak much louder than words when you’re working across an organization.”

Just as a door was opened for Trivette by earning his degree, he absorbed the School’s focus on sharing what you know and opening doors for others.

“Always be ready to lend a helping hand or answer questions and you’ll be building trust,” he said. “It is great to realize a Deacon helped me navigate the process to land a job and now I have the chance to reach back and do the same.”