Constantly Pursue What Makes You Come Alive

Devi Eddins Walters (Management '08)

Devi Eddins Walters (’07, MA ’08) couldn’t wait for her next finance class with Rob Nash — or, on other days, her next marketing class with Kenny Herbst. Walters’ enthusiasm for the Wake Forest School of Business Master’s in Management program meant she met each day ready for a fresh challenge. Wake Forest professors’ passion and excitement for their area of expertise was infectious, said Walters, a senior leadership development partner with Duke Energy in Charlotte.

Walters, who earned her undergraduate degree in psychology at Wake Forest, chose the Master’s in Management program as a way to weave together her love for psychology and interest in business. She said the program helped her grow immensely and establish the foundation for a successful career.

“It provided me with a very broad, yet robust background in all areas of business,” Walters said. “Pairing psychology with business gave me the perfect opportunity to ultimately land my dream job.”

And it wasn’t just the coursework that prepared Walters for her professional journey. Wake Forest, she said, demonstrated the incredible power of a deep network.

“Sherry Moss went out of her way to connect students interested in the human resources field with seasoned human resources professionals she knew and was my biggest cheerleader when I had an opportunity to attend a networking event that led to my first job,” Walters said. “I am still amazed that after 10 years since I graduated, I can reach out to many of my old professors and, not only do they remember who I am, they are willing to support me in any way they can. You simply don’t get that at just any school.”

Today, Walters is intent on helping current students at the School that launched her career. She stays in touch with former students and instructors and recently served on a career panel for a talent management class. “It was a wonderful opportunity to stay connected and share my journey, insights, and lessons with students whose shoes I was in at one point in time,” she said.

Walters encouraged students to pay attention to relationships. “Never underestimate the importance of building and maintaining a network,” she said. “When looking for a job, you could spend hours on end searching and replying to job postings on the internet. Use some or all of that same time to make connections, reach out, ask questions, and give thanks for people’s time. Every interview I’ve ever landed came from some connection I had.”

Years after earning her Wake Forest master’s degree, Walters is still fueled by the enthusiasm she experienced as a student. She urged others to stoke that same flame.

“Don’t lose sight of what you’re passionate about,” she said. “When something makes you come alive, pay attention to that and chase after it. Don’t ever stop pursuing and feeding that feeling”